Alstom selected to upgrade generators in the Markersbach pumped-storage power plant in Germany

Alstom received a second order from Vattenfall Europe Generation AG for the main overhaul of a synchronous generator in the Markersbach pumped-storage power plant located in the Ore Mountains in Saxony, Germany. The works on the generator should start in June 2016 and is due to be completed by February 2017.

This is the second order received by Alstom from Vattenfall, following a previous mandate made in August 2014 to upgrade another synchronous generator. This first renovation should be completed in the spring of 2016. The overhaul comprises the delivery of a new stator, upgrading of the poles, bearings, bearing bracket and starting motor, as well as disassembly and re-assembly, including commissioning. A contractual option covers the overhaul of the remaining four generators. The expected rhythm of commissioning is of one generator per year.

The hydropower plant of Markersbach was commissioned in 1979 and has a power output of 1,050 MW. It is the second-largest pumped-storage power station in Germany and one of the largest hydropower plants of the kind in Europe. The renewal of the synchronous generators was necessary since some machine components, such as the generator stands, had reached the end of their service life and other parts are in need of repair. Greater operational safety as well as an increase in output (reactive power) will be achieved thanks to the upgraded machine.

2015-10-14_Pressebild_Renewable Power_Markersbach-1000

In the hydro business, Alstom offers engineering, design, construction, production and assembly for core components of any type and size of machines to generate energy from hydro power. Alstom has also developed an extensive experience assessing and servicing, retrofitting and modernising power plants in operation. This particular know-how includes spares, field service (diagnosis, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair?) retrofit and O&M on all type of electromechanical equipment (turbine, generator, control systems).

Alstom Hydro Service offers to power plants operators, proven and flexible, standardised and customised services to maintain plant availability, at optimum efficiency, and even increase performance. Alstom’s competence center for hydro-services in Birr (Switzerland) offers both types of services, either for large power plants like Markersbach or for smaller types of hydro machinery .