Guyana’s Wind Energy Push

The government of Guyana says it is making “significant strides” towards the implementation of renewable energy sources. Most recently, the country’s Cabinet granted the Ministry of Public Infrastructure the authority to proceed with negotiations with Guyana Windfarm Inc. on a proposal that would provide 26 megawatts of wind energy to the grid.


“Cabinet has given its no objection to examine the proposal in detail, to ensure that it will meet the required criteria, commence discussions between them (Guyana Windfarm Inc.), and GPL, and arrive with an agreement, if possible, to be entered immediately afterwards,” said Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson.

Patterson added that the investor has submitted documentations stating that it has procured the necessary financing to carry out the project, and that the proposal outlined a 12 cents per kilowatt hour fee.

The Administration aims to implement renewable energy sources to power four proposed new towns– Barticia, Lethem, Mabaruma, and Linden.