Iberdrola to provide services to small solar photovoltaic energy producers

Iberdrola has launched a new retail product External link, opens in new window. Open in new window. geared towards small photovoltaic solar energy producers in Spain. On the one hand, the company will provide financial coverage so that the customer can ensure profitability and on the other, it will be in charge of maintenance work on the facilities to enable them to operate under optimal conditions.

This financial coverage consists of setting a customised and guaranteed sale price for the energy that is generated. This means that the photovoltaic producer will no longer depend on the uncertainty of the market, where the price varies on a daily basis. This means that Iberdrola will give the customer the peace of mind of receiving a regular income so that they can gradually recover their investment.

The customer will also be eligible for a comprehensive maintenance service for their solar facilities, to ensure that they continue to work properly. In exchange for a monthly fee, Iberdrola will keep the energy producer’s facility in the best technical conditions possible in order to optimise its performance.

Iberdrola estimates that this innovative proposal may be of interest to some 62,000 photovoltaic generators in Spain.

The launch of new products and services such as the one proposed by Iberdrola today, which not only affect the scope of supply but also provide customised advice on energy, is further proof of the company’s commitment to its customers via initiatives that add value and excellence to its service.

At the end of the first quarter of 2015, Iberdrola had 15.6 million contracts in Spain, 3.5% more than in the same period of the previous year, with an associated energy supply of 29,833 gigawatt hours (GWh). Of these contracts, 74% (over 11.5 million) were in the free market. The remaining 26% (some 4.1 million) were in the regulated market.