Brazil’s wind energy potential at 500 GW

German wind energy measurement group DEWI estimates that Brazil’s wind power potential amounts to 500 GW, considering the latest technological developments.


Jens Molly, DEWI’s founder, presented the data at the Brazil Windpower 2015 event last week. In 2001, the potential was determined at 143 GW, considering towers up to 50 metres. The fresh calculations of the German group does not take into consideration the country’s offshore wind potential.

Molly also said, as quoted by local media, that he believes Brazil’s installed capacity of wind farms will hit 22.4 GW in 2023. This means that the share of wind power in the country’s energy mix will rise from 3% to 11.5%.

DEWI’s founder also pointed out that Brazil cannot meet growing demand for energy with hydropower alone even if it rains enough, due to several factors, including the high thermal power prices.

At the same event, the national Wind Energy Association (Abeeolica) told reporters it expects the country to reach 9 GW of installed wind power capacity by the end of the year.