Oman’s first solar power plant

The plant is an important step in encouraging and promoting the use of renewable energy resources in the Oman. The plant will help in assessing the feasibility of commercial use of such technology, as well as the challenges that may be faced if more similar projects with higher capacities are implemented.



A licence for the Sultanate’s first solar power plant was issued to Bahwan Astonfield Solar Energy Company by the Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER).

The 303-kilowatt solar power plant is located in the wilayat of Al Mazyounnah in Dhofar Governorate. The power from solar project will be sold to the Rural Areas Electricity Company (Raeco) as per the agreement signed between the two companies.

Abdul Wahab bin Abdullah Al Hinai, director of licences and legal affairs at the AER, said that the licence for this pilot project is the first of its kind. He pointed out that the licence, issued officially on June 1, is valid for two years, which is also the duration of the power purchase contract signed with Raeco.

This project will open the door for similar pilot projects or other projects with greater capacities, especially the AER has initiated the development of the proper regulatory framework that encourages the use of renewable energy at the different level.

The renewable energy bylaws and regulations will be completed by the end of this year. Work is underway to develop the regulatory framework for the power generation from solar cells placed on rooftops and the power generated by other plants and exported to the grid. Necessary measures are taken to make the building a producer and a consumer of electricity at the same time.

“Meanwhile, work on a 50-megawatt wind-based power plant is underway in Shaleem andHalaniyat Islands in Dhofar Governorate and will be operated by Raeco after construction work is completed,” Al Hinai noted.