Whirlpool promotes wind energy with Findlay wind farm with Goldwind wind turbines

The wind farm will have five wind turbines supplied by Goldwind America, with Whirlpool using two and nearby Ball Company using three.


Construction is scheduled to start immediately and the wind farm is expected to be operational late this year.

Whirlpool Corp vice president Findlay operations Dale Laws said: “The Findlay wind farm project is an example of how global companies like Whirlpool can make a positive impact at the local level, by minimising the impact of our operations on the environment.”

For each turbine, Whirlpool Corporation will create one $5000 Megawatt Scholarship to be awarded each year the turbine is in operation.

Two scholarships (one per turbine) will be awarded annually to a graduating high school senior from the local school districts.

The scholarships are designed to encourage education in the technologies and industries of the future.

Eligible students will be those seeking a two or four year technical degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) at an accredited college.

Goldwind America will create one $500 Megawatt Scholarship per wind turbine per year for local students pursuing STEM degrees.

In addition, Ohio Logistics, who played a large role in the land transactions that made this project possible, announced a $1000 per year “Megawatt Scholarship” for local students pursuing STEM degrees.