Wind energy in Azerbaijan: wind farm Yeni Yashma

On May 28, the State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources, SAARES conducted a full test of all stations in a wind farm “Yeni Yashma” with a capacity of 59 MW in the Khizi region and launched a wind turbine with a capacity of 2.5 MW.



The wind turbine, which was launched on the Republic Day, has already started to transfer electricity, generated from wind power, into the general power grid of the Republic.


In the near future a wind park “Yeni Yashma” will be connected into the electrical grid of the country.


SAARES notes that the success in the field of the alternative and renewable energy sources was achieved as a result of special care and attention of the President Ilham Aliyev in this sphere.


“Despite the abundance of hydrocarbon energy resources in Azerbaijan, electricity produced from alternative and renewable sources will save millions of cubic meters of gas. Last year in the field of renewable energy, 1.5 billion kW / h of electricity has been produced, saving 500 million cubic meters of gas,” reads, the report SAARES.