Mubadara to invest in Solar Power and Wind Energy in Sudan

Investment Minister, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail revealed the arrival of United Arab Emirate Company, Mubadara Company Group next week to work in the field of the solar and wind energy to solve the projects electricity problem.

Dr. Mustafa called on the UAE companies to increase its investment in the country, asserting readiness of the Sudan to provide all the facilitations and incentives to these projects successful.
Dr. Mustafa noted the presentation to 102 investments projects to more than 350 investors and businesspersons and the directors and the managers of the UAE companies who participated in the Sudan-UAE investment forum organized by Abu Dhabi commerce and industry chamber at the cost amount of59 billion dollars.
He indicated that the UAE investments in the Sudan have reached 40 billion dollars by 17 companies investing in the various domains.
The chairman of Abu Dhabi commerce and industry chamber, Mohamed Hilal Al-Mehiri, had appreciated during the forum the great success achieved by the forum, noting to its importance as a good opportunity for the acknowledgement of the investment opportunities in the Sudan.