Nigeria’s first wind farm with 37 wind turbines almost complete

The wind velocity in Katsina is quite high, making it a conducive place to develop a wind farm. 



The wind farm is situated in Rimi village, 25 km south of Katsina City. 37 wind  turbines, with a capacity of 275kW each, have already begun functioning on a trial basis and the transmission line for the evacuation of power to be produced is also ready, added the ministry.

With complete government cooperation, the project is expected to replicate the power network in the country’s northern region, where wind velocity is very high.

The Katsina State government first envisioned the project, which gained complete support from the Nigerian federal government. The project is funded by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the contract to develop the wind farm was awarded to French company Vergnet S.A. Nigerian company O.T. Otis Engineering and German firm Terrawatt were jointly hired as consultants to supervise the project.

Harnessing wind energy is an integral part of the National Policy on Sustainable Energy and Energy Efficiency. In addition to the 10MW wind farm, Igali also said that other clean energy projects such as hydroelectric, solar and biomass were also being planned in the West African nation.