Senvion launches new wind turbines

Senvion SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wind turbines, is launching a new turbine for its 3.XM series. Featuring the Senvion Next Electrical System (NES), comprising a fully rated converter and an asynchronous generator, the turbine meets the rising requirements of grid operators in the various markets. The NES constitutes a further development of the previous system on the basis of the DFIG (Doubly Fed Induction Generator) and generates high yields with its sustainable design while lowering the levelized cost of electricity.

Russell Stoddart, CTO of Senvion SE, says: “The gradual changeover to renewable energies in the grid is a project unlike any other, which means that we must expect a stream of new challenges. At Senvion, we are therefore looking towards the future and predicting possible requirements over the next ten years to optimise our turbines for long-term grid stability at an early stage.” The continuously rising share of renewable energies in the energy mix is presenting grid operators with new challenges and therefore defining new requirements. These requirements will apply in Germany from January 2017 for high-voltage connections promoting a continuously stable feed-in of wind energy into the grids. Senvion will meet these requirements in 2015 already with the new 3.XM NES turbine.

With its 3-megawatt portfolio, Senvion offers the ideal turbine for every wind site. Senvion supplies its 3-megawatt turbines for around 80 per cent of German orders. In 2014, Senvion installed 185 turbines of the 3.XM series with a total rated output of 600 megawatts in Germany. Hendrik Böschen, Managing Director Senvion Deutschland GmbH, says: “The market is showing us where the future lies, and we are adjusting our priorities accordingly. Optimising this series is therefore a top priority in order to continue supplying our customers with our advanced, reliable technology.”