Wind energy in Romania: seventh EU country for wind turbines installed in 2014

Although last year there were 50 per cent fewer new wind turbines installed in Romania compared to 2013, the Romanian wind energy market has climbed one position in Europe among the largest markets for wind power, finishing in the tenth place in 2014 according to total capacity.

Depending only on the mounted wind turbines in November 2014, however, Romania was the seventh largest market in the EU. “Investments in wind farm projects ranged last year from 12.1 to 18.7 billion Euro,” said the latest report published by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), quoted by Ziarul Financiar. “Onshore wind projects have attracted between 8.9 billion and 12.8 billion Euro, while offshore projects have attracted between 4.2 billion and 5.9 billion Euro.”
For the total installed capacity, Germany was the largest market last year, followed by the United Kingdom, Sweden and France. According to EWEA’s document, “the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe have installed 838 MW, which means 7.1 per cent of all installations.” Therefore, in 2014 that these countries accounted for a smaller slice of the total European market compared to 2013, when the per centage was 16 per cent. EWEA explained the causes were the retroactive legislation changes in Romania and the uncertainties related to the impact of changes in the support scheme from Poland.