EGP’s Wind Power is Blowing in America

In March alone Enel Green Power has put into service wind farms totalling 163 MW, also starting the construction of 102 MW, and it operates more than 1,600MW from wind power in the USA and Canada, 346MW in Mexico over the total installed renewable capacity of 399MW, 283MW in Brazil and 340MW, in Chile.


Enel Green Power’s wind is blowing in the whole of America, from the United States down to Brazil and Chile, going by Mexico and Costa Rica. And it’s a strong blow, since the installed capacity continues to grow in markets that crave for renewable energy and believe in wind power. In March alone EGP has put into service wind farms generating 163MW and started building plants for 102MW in four countries of the American macro-region.

In North America EGP operates more than 1,600MW from wind farms in Kansas, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Texas and Canada. The most recent worksite that has been opened is at 74MW Little Elk, just after the construction of the 200MW Goodwell wind farm began. According to the latest estimates of the US Department of Energy, the current contribution of wind power – presently accounting for 4.5 of domestic generation – can double within the next five years and even attain 35 percent by 2050. What is already certain is that renewable energy in the USA, which is a global power in the field of oil, gas and new non-traditional fuels, by now account for 13.19 percent of the country’s generation, and will reach 14 percent already by the end of 2015.

Enel Green Power in Mexico today has an installed capacity of 399MW, of which 346MW from wind power and 53MW from hydropower, and is now building its Dominica II wind farm. At the beginning of March it completed and grid-connected the new Sureste I-Phase II wind farm, in the State of Oaxaca, which required a total investment of almost $160million. These figures can only confirm EGP’s particular focus on this country within its overall strategy in Latin America.

With a net installed capacity of 376 MW and 28 plants online, Brazil is one of Enel Green Power’s most advanced markets in Latin America, only second to Chile, where the company already has 507MW, and in 2014 it contributed with additional 199MW to the 534MW installed in the whole continent. EGP’s wind power in the Latin American giant has currently achieved 238MW that are set to keep growing in 2015 with the opening of new wind farms, like the Esperança plant, the last module of the Serra Azul module north of Bahia, in Brazil’s north-west.