Wind power in Brazil: New Wind Farm Sign of Enel Green Power

Building of the new Esperança wind farm in Brazil, which began at the beginning of March, is just the latest in a series of Enel Green Power accomplishments in the country that began in 2014 and will continue throughout the whole of 2015.  


With a net installed capacity of 376 megawatts and 28 plants online, Brazil is the second most advanced Latin American market that EGP takes part in after Chile, where the company has installed 507MW. During 2014 Brazil was the source of 199MW of additional capacity, compared to 534MW across the entire continent.

With a net installed capacity of 376MW and 28 plants online, Brazil is one of the most advanced Latin American market that Enel Green Power takes part in, attracting €220 million of investment in 2014 and contributing an additional 199MW to capacity on the continent.

The Latin American giant’s contribution to EGP’s growth beganaccelerating in November, when the company earned the right to sign a 20-year electricity supply agreements related to the construction of the 254MW Ituverava solar PV field and the 90MWDelfina and 114MW Morro do Chapéu wind farms. It also completed construction of and connected to the grid the 80MW Fontes do Ventos wind farm.

This year began with the opening of worksites and new plants being put into service. Before work was started on theEsperança wind farm at the beginning of March, EGP also began the construction of the Fontes Solar I and II PV solar plants in the State of Pernambuco, which will have an installed capacity of 11MW and represents Enel Green Power’s entry into the Brazilian solar power market.

Enel’s investments in Brazil over the course of 2014 amounted to €220 million, of which €165 million was for the construction of wind farms and €55 million for hydropower facilities. The two tenders in which EGP will participate in the near future – one for five gigawatts of wind power and another for 2GW of solar power – are the continuation of the development that currently includes work on 90MW of wind power, 102MW of hydropower and 1MW of solar power, with construction set to begin 28MW of wind power and 11MW of solar power.