Wind energy in Peru: There is US $ 2,000 million to invest in wind power projects

There are US $ 2,000 million ready to be invested in projects of wind power generation in Peru by companies such Invenergy of Chicago (USA) and Enel Green Power of Italy, revealed Alfredo Novoa, president of the Peruvian Association of Energy Renewables in an interview with RPP.


Also, there are companies from Brazil and Germany who are interested in developing wind energy projects; however, it needs the support of the Minister of Energy and Mines, to solve issues concerning the legislation that prevents the execution of these projects.

Novoa considered a “tragedy” that 66% of the energy generated in Peru corresponds to thermal power plants and 32% hydroelectric, since the figures should be reversed, considering that the country has a potential of 65,000 megawatts hydraulic potential.