Bilfinger Wins Order for Nordergründe Offshore Wind Farm

Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems has won an order at the new Nordergründe offshore wind farm for the installation of 19 steel foundations in the North Sea and for the transportation of 18 wind turbines to the installation site.

The order from wind farm developer and operator wpd in Bremen has a volume of approximately €30 million.

The Nordergründe wind farm will be built in the German North Sea 34 kilometers west of Cuxhaven and will generate an output of about 110 MW. The wind turbines will be built on steel foundations that are up to 55 meters long, so-called monopiles, that are rammed into the seabed. Work will begin in spring 2016 and will be completed in fall 2016.

The unit that received the order is part of Offshore Systems, which Bilfinger recently put up for sale. The unit has cutting-edge expertise in the design, manufacture and installation of offshore foundations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. A total of more than 630 foundations for wind turbines, metering masts and substations have been built to date and a volume of approximately €140 million is anticipated for 2015.