Bolloré Africa wins wind farm contract in Kenya

Africa Logistics has won a wind energy contract  to provide services to Bluesea Energy which is currently setting up a 40 Megawatt wind farm in Meru.


Bluesea Energy whose core business is in renewable power has tapped the services of Bolloré to transport 27 wind turbines from the port of Mombasa to Ntubiri in Meru. This comes after the company obtained a power generation licence last year, setting the stage for start of the project.

Bolloré Africa regional CEO for East Africa, Jason Reynard said: “We have been partners of similar industrial projects in Eastern Africa in the last decade and rest assured that your investment is in capable hands.”

The wind turbines are extra-ordinary in dimension and require specialised vehicles and equipment. The turbine’s tower measures 4.6m in diameter, its nacelle, which houses the generating components of the turbine, weighs 52 tonnes while a single blade is 23.2m long. The project is expected to commence this month.