Wind power in India: Gamesa to supply wind turbines to three wind farms in India

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, is to supply 46 MW to several customers in India.

The company has signed multiple contracts for the supply of 23 of its G97-2.0 MW turbines. In total, Gamesa will deliver and commission 12 wind turbines at the Ramnagar wind complex, seven at the Lingsagur facility and four at the Chandargh wind farm.

These new contracts strengthen Gamesa’s orderbook in India, boosting its local reputation as a leading turbine manufacturer.

This strong business momentum, evidenced by the execution of these agreements, and Gamesa’s upbeat outlook for the Indian wind market have been boosted by the announcement by the central bank of a 25 basis point benchmark rate cut. This rate cut should facilitate access to financing for renewable energy projects, possibly on more favourable terms, helping to attract new investors.