Wind energy in Poland: Vestas wind turbines for a wind farm

Vestas is further strengthening its leading position in this important Northern European market, winning a firm and unconditional order for 12 of its V112-3.0 MW wind  turbines for a wind power project located in the region of Lodzkie, Poland. 

The order has been placed by a private Polish investor.

The contract includes delivery, installation, and commissioning of the turbines, which is expected to occur during the third and fourth quarter of 2015. The project also includes a five-year Active Output Management (AOM) 4000 service contract.

“We are proud to be chosen to supply turbines for this project.  With market-leading technology, Vestas seeks to maximize value for our customer through low cost of energy, business case certainty, and being easy-to-work-with,” says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe.

Every single day, Vestas wind turbines deliver clean energy that supports the global fight against climate change. Wind power from Vestas’ more than 52,700 wind turbines currently reduces carbon emissions by over 60 million tons of CO2 every year, while at the same time building energy security and independence. Vestas has delivered wind energy in 73 countries, providing jobs for around 19,300 passionate people at our service and project sites, research facilities, factories and offices all over the world. With 52 per cent more megawatts installed than our closest competitor and more than 64 GW of cumulative installed capacity worldwide, Vestas is the world leader in wind energy.

Having been established in 2003, Vestas Poland employs more than 150 people fully dedicated to wind energy and to securing customers’ business case. In addition to our two offices in Szczecin and Warsaw, Vestas also operates 16 service hubs in Poland. Vestas has delivered about 570 wind turbines, totalling about 1,200 MW, to the Polish market, giving it more than 30 percent market share of the country’s total installations.