Wind energy in Poland: Nordex wind turbines for a wind farm of RWE Innogy

Investors are increasingly regaining confidence in the Polish wind power market.

RWE Innogy has now ordered seven N117/2400 wind turbines from Nordex for the 17-MW Opalenica wind farm.

The wind turbines are to be installed in summer 2015. The company has also signed a 15-year premium service contract for the turbines. “We are pleased to be able to build our seventh wind farm in Poland with Nordex and will be putting it into operation in 2015,” says Dr. Hans Bünting, managing director of RWE Innogy.

The Opalenica project is located in the Poznan region. RWE has opted for the N117/2400 as this turbine is specifically designed to match most of the conditions prevailing at the site. Consequently, the wind farm will have an above-average capacity factor of 34 percent despite the fact that the overall height of the systems has been capped at 150 metres by an administrative order. The high efficiency of the turbines will be decisive when the new rules for auction system will apply for tenders.

To date, Nordex has installed 14 wind farms with a combined output of 240 megawatts in Poland. These also include several large-scale projects with up to 22 multi-megawatt turbines. This new contract awarded by RWE additionally broadens Nordex’s customer structure in Eastern Europe.