Wind power in Italy: Nordex delivering N117 wind turbines for a wind farm

Nordex has now received the contract for the “Melfi I” project, entailing the delivery and installation of a total of ten multi-megawatt wind turbines together with a premium service contract covering a minimum period of 15 years.

In spring 2015, Nordex will be delivering eight N117/3000 and two N117/2400 wind turbines to the site in South Italy.

Located in the Basilicata region, the wind farm is characterised by medium wind conditions. For this reason, the project was developed with turbines fitted with above-average-sized rotors to achieve a high capacity factor. This will ensure maximum efficiency in the utilisation of the available wind power. The customer is the German WSB Group. Its Italian subsidiary VSB energia verde S.R.L., Genua, has developed and is realising the 29 MW project.

“We have previously executed projects for the WSB Group and are pleased to receive this follow-up business. This testifies to the quality of our services and our products. It also shows that we are competitive despite the changed market conditions in Italy,” says Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, a member of Nordex SE’s Management Board. VSB had been awarded the project in the first round of auctions in Italy.