Green Light for First Dutch Offshore Wind Power Grid Connection

Pondera Consult with Arcadis been commissioned by TenneT for the guidance of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure for the first offshore grid connection in the Netherlands.

TenneT TSO is responsible in the Netherlands for the connection of offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Wind Borssele area is the first area that is being developed. This is in 2014 by the Ministry of Economic Affairs decided.

The mains connection consists of two offshore platforms of 700 MW for four lots in wind energy area Borssele. The scope of the EIA procedure consists of two platforms, two 220 kV power lines for each platform to the country and the connection to the onshore power grid.

The purpose of the mission of the consortium of Pondera and Arcadis is to prepare all the necessary documents (Environmental Impact Assessment, background documents and license) for decision-making. The strategic advice about the permitting process and the consultation hears competent authorities and stakeholder management at the question Pondera and Arcadis.

“The development of alternative energy sources is important to make the Netherlands less dependent on fossil fuels and thus contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions of our country,” said general manager Gert Crown Arcadis. “With our extensive combined knowledge of environmental regulations and extensive experience in handling large-scale EIA processes, we expect to add value for TenneT in this process.”

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