Chinese wind turbines to be tested in Australia wind farm

China will be testing wind farm technology in Australia as one of the continent’s states, Tasmania, bolsters the economic relationship it has with the Asian giant.

Shenhua Group, a Chinese energy and mining company leader, will be installing and testing wind turbines in a 10- to 30-megawatt wind farm with one of Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding’s (WWFH) co-owned farms who signed a deal with Hydro Tasmania.

Chairman Grant Every-Burns of Hydro Tasmania said that the most updated and newest technology from China will be featured in Tasmania.

The chairman said that the project will put the Chinese technology on turbine generation, operation, design and integration to the test.

Dr. Zhang Yuzhuo, chairman of Shenhua Group, lauded the collaboration between the two energy firms. He said that Shenhua is undergoing a transformation from a past coal-based energy firm to a new clean-energy supplier. Dr. Zhang also emphasized that renewable energy is a significant part of Shenhua’s transformation.

Dr. Zhang added that the ongoing projects as well as future ones show the determination and efforts of the companies against the dreaded climate change.

Australia’s WWFH is aiming for a 700 MW wind portfolio for the continent by 2020.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tasmania to foster economic relationship as the latter is China’s biggest trading partner. The former buys more than $520 million worth of agriculture, minerals, fine wool and other product exports from Tasmania every year.

Meanwhile, an investment exhibition, TasInvest, was ongoing during the Chinese president’s visit. Chinese delegates were participating at the said convention.