Wind energy: Acciona installs wind farm with 33 wind turbines in Costa Rica

Chiripa wind power plant will supply 200 million kWh per year, servicing 80,000 homes. It consists of 33 wind turbines that are 80 meters high.


The electricity they produce will be sold to ICE for 20 years, according to the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP). Each kWh will be sold for between 44 and 65 colones.

This is the fifth wind farm developed in the area since last July. They are actually producing more than was estimated. Higher winds and more power production are expected between November and March.

The initial investment was $125 million and 300 jobs were created during construction.

Now only 11 people are needed to keep it operational. In 2013, just 4.8% of our electricity was generated by wind power but that is changing. This “clean energy” is important.