Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Rioglass introduces its next generation “UVAC 70-7G” receiver tube

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Rioglass introduces its next generation “UVAC 70-7G” receiver tube and sets a new benchmark for solar thermal output efficiency. 


Rioglass, the world leader in the development, production, and marketing of high end receiver tubes and concentrating mirrors, proudly introduces its new cutting edge, unrivaled nextgeneration receiver tube, the “UVAC 7G”.

This next generation receiver, which guarantees outstanding absorption rates of above 96.2% and emissivity rates below 9.5%, provides our clients superior solar heat absorption without compromising on heat losses, and sets a new benchmark for thermal energy production, using oil-based HTF in parabolic trough technology.

Since the successful incorporation of the receiver tube business, Rioglass has been heavily investing in further developments of advanced and more efficient receivers in order to enable its customers to increase thermal energy production and thus lowering their cost of energy.

This continuous dedication has now resulted in the development of the UVAC 7G. Verified for highest performance by external labs under real working conditions, the UVAC 7G, with its superior energy output, durability and reliability, offers the best value proposition to Rioglass’ valued customers worldwide.

The UVAC 7G can be manufactured with the standard 70 mm diameter (UVAC 7G) or with the larger diameter (90 mm) to fit greater aperture collectors (UVAC 90-7G).

Rioglass is an international company headquartered in Belgium, with highly automated manufacturing facilities operating in 4 continents. The grant of CSP Today Technology Innovation Awards in 2011 and 2013 proves the industry´s recognition of the innovative strength embedded in the company´s culture. Rioglass was the first company to introduce tempered parabolic mirrors to the market, as well as the first to commercially deploy heliostat
bent mirror facets with an integrated support structure.

Rioglass is also proud of having been the first company to place in the market a large diameter (90 mm) receiver. Capitalizing on an extensive experience of over 25 years of engineering in the CSP and related industries, Rioglass is now the world leading supplier of concentrating mirrors, CSP receiver tubes, as well as best systems for Concentration Photovoltaics.

Rioglass offers superior economic solutions based on innovative designs and concepts, combined with highly automated production capabilities, to deliver the most cutting edge, industry leading, top performing products, to our customers worldwide.

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