Brazil contracted wind energy for 2018 passes 15.2 GW

Installed wind power capacity rose to 5.6 GW in October from 5.1 GW ithe previous month, accounting for 4% of Brazil’s total installed capacity, of which 63% is hydroelectric, the Brazilian Wind Power Association (ABEEólica) says in its latest monthly report.


At the end of October, 4.3GW of wind farms were operating commercially. By the end of the year, ABEEólica expects that figure to reach 6.35GW.

At the end of 2015, a further 3.49GW will have been added. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, annual installations will add up to 1.61GW, 1.42GW and 2.31GW respectively.

The number of unconnected wind farms already built remained unchanged at 871.9MW in the states of Bahia and Rio Grande do Norte.

The number of projects undergoing final tests rose to 414.5MW from 332.6MW. ABEEólica also says that of total 15.2GW contracted wind in 113 wind farms, 2.28GW had been started – up from 2.08GW a month earlier.

Total investment in the 31 projects contracted at the most recent auction is estimated at R$2.97bn ($1.17bn) or an average of R$3.8m/MW.