107 MW of wind energy was added in Tamil Nadu over the last six months

Data from the Indian Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association (IWTMA) shows that 107 MW of capacity has been added in the state between April and September, bringing the total wind power capacity in the state to 7378.63 MW, the highest in the country. 


However, these are projects that were signed a while ago, driven by the high potential for wind power in the state, and no new projects have been signed in the last six months, said Madhusudan Khemka, chairman of IWTMA and managing director of ReGen Powertech.

Wind power is a crucial component of Tamil Nadu’s power kitty, and has come in handy for the state during summer months when power demand peaks.

Any further increase in wind power capacity is unlikely over the next few months, given the conditions in the state, wind power companies say.

The state government is proposing to revise the existing wind tariff of Rs 3.51 to 3.58 a unit, a negligible increase. Tamil Nadu’s tariff is the lowest in the country. Madhya Pradesh, for instance, is offering 5.92, which is more attractive for wind power companies.

Investors are looking at states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka since policies and tariffs in other states are attractive. Further, new technology enables wind turbines to generate power even in states where wind flows are not as high as in Tamil Nadu. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have added 222 MW and 148 MW respectively during the last six months, followed by 108 MW in Rajasthan. India saw an increase of 864 MW of wind power capacity between January and September this year compared with 1249 MW last year.