Senvion (Suzlon) launches 3.2M114 wind turbines for Canadian wind energy market

Senvion SE, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suzlon Group, the world’s fifth-largest manufacturer of wind turbines, launched the 3.2M114 for the Canadian market at the CanWEA Tradeshow.

The 3.2M114 is part of the Senvion 3XM series of 3 MW turbines with a rotor diameter of 114 m.

It offers optimum yields on class II wind sites. For its launch in Canada, the 3.2M114 has been equipped with a full converter which facilitates its integration into various grids across Canada and the world. It is also equipped with a hot air de-icing system. The de-icing system has been developed, tested and improved for better yields. It is now going to be validated in the field at the 350 MW wind farm Rivière-du-Moulin in Quebec, Canada.

The Senvion 3XM series is built on the company’s MM series of 2 MW wind turbines combined with the know-how gained from developing a 5 MW offshore wind turbine. With almost 500 MW installed in Europe, the 3.2M114 already has a proven track record. In Canada, the 3.2M114 will be offered on a 100 m tower. Main components, such as the blades, are going to be produced by LM WindPower in Matane, Québec. Towers are going to be supplied by Marmen in Gaspé, Québec.  Deliveries of the turbines are set to start in 2016.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Helmut Herold – Senvion CEO North America said: “All of our innovations are based on proven technology and experience which make them particularly reliable. At CanWEA we got confirmation that the Senvion 3.2M114 is the right wind turbine for the future. It is great for Quebec and potentially also for other provinces such as British Columbia.”

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Andreas Nauen – CEO of Senvion SE, said: “With our recently extended 3.XM series we will erect at least two gigawatts of newly installed capacity in the next two fiscal years. By continuously improving and adapting our 3.XM series, we are achieving greater yields for our customers. Wind energy has to be and remain competitive. Innovation plays a key role in this.”

Mr Tulsi Tanti, Chairman – Suzlon Group, added: “The launch of the 3.2M114 in the lucrative Canadian market has added a fillip to our presence in North America. We stand committed to build on our technological edge and offer new age products and best in class services. We are confident that our business will add value to the energy security needs of countries. Our mission is to make profitable and efficient wind energy accessible to all.”