New Siemens D3 Wind Turbine for High Energy Yields at Low Wind power Sites

Siemens’ new SWT-3.3-130 wind turbine model is featured today at the 30th annual CanWEA conference in Montreal, Quebec.

Delivering 3.3 megawatts of electric power, this turbine extracts the maximum energy yield from low to moderate wind velocities, thereby rounding off Siemens’ wind power portfolio as an innovative and extremely efficient wind turbine for sites with low wind speeds.

With its rotor measuring 130 metres in diameter, this giant unit will be available in early 2017.

Siemens Wind Power has injected over five years of pertinent experience gained from its D3 platform into the new SWT-3.3-130. In the new unit, the direct-drive permanent magnet generator operates with even stronger permanent magnets to further enhance output. The designs of the nacelle bedplate, yaw drive and other components important to unit statics have been strengthened to accommodate the new 130-meter-long rotor.

While new servo-motors ensure precise rotation of the nacelle even at high wind pressures, particularly strong hydraulic cylinders in the newly designed rotor hub enable exact adjustment of rotor blade angle. The SWT-3.3-130 uses B63 blades measuring 63 meters in length. These aeroelastically tailored blades limit the static loading of the nacelle and tower, particularly under turbulent wind conditions, as the blade ends act to cushion and absorb high wind pressure. Further innovations featured in the SWT-3.3-130 include a newly designed cooling system that has now been integrated into the nacelle and ensures optimum cooling of the generator and other electrical components. The launch of the SWT-3.3-130 is another step forward in maximizing energy from the wind and highlights Siemens’ continuous commitment to innovation and sustainable energy management.