Canadian wind energy as a solution to climate change and greenhouse gas emission reduction in North America

As climate change once again captures headlines, the need to explore potential solutions like wind energy has never been greater.


In Quebec, the provincial government will soon undertake a review of the province’s energy future; determining the optimal mix of cost-effective and non-greenhouse gas emitting renewable electricity sources like hydro and wind to support economic development and advance electrification of transportation and industry.   Join this year’s opening plenary at CanWEA’s 30th Annual Conference and Exhibition  and listen to the distinguished lineup of speakers discuss wind energy and climate change and Quebec’s energy future.

At this year’s opening plenary, special guest, Globe and Mail National Affairs Columnist, Jeffrey Simpson, will address Canada’s challenges and potential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades.

Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) will speak to the role of wind energy as a solution to climate change, and he will be  followed by a distinguished speaker panel set that will discuss the potential for wind energy in Quebec to reduce GHG emissions in North America. The panel will be moderated by Marie Grégoire, Vice President and Senior Partner, Tact Intelligence-Conseil.

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