Nordex wind power gets 27 MW France wind turbines order

Nordex SE has received an order to supply and install the “Haut Plateau Picard” wind farm.

This project consists of eleven wind turbines from the N100/2500 series, which Nordex will install in spring 2015.

The project has been planned on Nordex technology thanks to Volkswind France SAS, a developer and independent power producer which has already realised a major project with Nordex in Germany. The project is being financed by its current owner Leonidas Associates GmbH, an issuing company for sustainable investments.

The wind farm is to be located in Somme, part of the Picardie region in the north of France. Medium wind conditions prevail here, which means that the wind farm can be expected to produce an annual yield of around 62 gigawatt hours per annum – sufficient to cover the electricity requirement of some 18.000 households with “green” energy.

The project, which was originally planned with slightly less powerful turbines, has been limited to a maximum connected load of 25.3 MW. Grid connection and the handover of the wind farm are scheduled latest for October 2015. This is also when the 15-year Premium Service Agreement, which is an integral part of the transaction, comes into effect.