ACCIONA Windpower extends its AW3000 platform with the largest rotor designed by the company (132 m) for low wind sites

Acciona Windpower extends its AW3000 wind turbines for low wind farm sites

Acciona Windpower, a subsidiary of the ACCIONA group that designs, manufactures and commercializes wind turbines, launched a new 132 meter rotor option today for its successful AW3000 wind turbine.

With the launch of the AW132/3000 for IEC Class IIIb wind conditions, which includes the largest rotor designed by the company so far, ACCIONA Windpower can now provide an optimal product solution for any onshore site and wind profile.


The company has also designed the 64.7 meter blades for the AW132/3000 utilizing in-house engineering and manufacturing expertise. The blade design is based on the same proven concepts as all blades produced by the company, including structural shell construction, glass fiber and epoxy resin.

The AW132/3000 is initially available on a 120 meter concrete tower and soon on an 84 meter steel tower, which will result in a product with the highest swept area (13,720 m2) of any in the market for sites with tip-height restrictions below 150 meters or 500 feet.

The AW132/3000 is the latest evolution of ACCIONA Windpower’s AW3000 platform. The AW3000 is available with rotor diameters of 100, 116, 125 and now 132 meters. Steel and concrete tower options ranging from 84 to 120 meters allow the AW3000 platform to be optimized for any site or market globally.

To date, the company has received firm orders to supply over 1,800 MW of AW3000 wind turbines to wind farms in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Turkey and South Africa.

“The AW132 demonstrates ACCIONA Windpower’s continuing commitment to improving cost of energy for our customers and introducing the most competitive products in the market,” said Jose Luis Blanco, CEO of ACCIONA Windpower.

AW132/3000 wind turbines are available for delivery in 2016 and the company is accepting orders now. The first design assessment is anticipated in Q2 2015.