40 wind turbines to be installed in Iran

The managing director of the Renewable Energy Organization of Iran said that 40 wind turbines will be installed at Manjil Power Plant’s site by October 22.


Yousef Armodeli added that the power plant will become fully operational once the wind turbines are installed.

The measure will boost the power plant’s energy output by 100 megawatts (MW).

“The government has issued permits allowing the private sector to establish 10,000 MW of power plants,” he said.

Armodeli put the price of each kilowatt-hour of electricity generated by renewable energies at about 17 cents, which is reasonable, adding that in the past three years, due to a shortage of monetary resources, the implementation of the project was slowed.

He noted that other plans are also on the organization’s agenda, including the construction of wind power plants in Zabol (Sistan-Baluchestan province), Mahshahr (Khuzestan province), Shiraz (Fars province), Isfahan, Tabriz (East Azarbaijan province), Nir (Ardabil province), Sarab (East Azarbaijan province), Sarein (Zanjan province) and Khalkhal (Ardabil province).

Armodeli said that the private sector’s 1.5-MW wind turbines have become operational in Khwaf (Khorasan Razavi province) which have a high production capacity.

“Two other power plant projects are underway in Khwaf with power generation capacities of 100 MW and 75 MW. The MAPNA Group has also begun manufacturing 2.5-MW wind turbines, one of which has been installed,” he said.

In the past few years, the private sector launched a 514-photovoltaic power plant in Malard in Alborz province.