Nordex wind power gets 51 MW Finland wind farm deal

The financial investor Impax Asset Management has placed a second order with Nordex to build a wind farm in Finland.

The Kuolavaara-Keulakkopää project (“KUKE”) is being constructed in Finnish Lapland and will comprise 17 N117/3000 Delta wind turbines especially designed for these regions with their medium-strength winds.

In order to cope with the cold weather conditions at this site the rotors will be fitted with a special anti-icing system, which will significantly increase the technical availability of the wind turbines and thus ensures higher yields and a higher financial return.

Turbine installation work at the site will start in spring 2015. The wind farm is due to be connected to the grid and begin feeding in green electricity in during 2015. Impax has also concluded a Premium Service Agreement with Nordex initially for five years with a view to ensuring that the yield level is maintained over the long term.

Nordex is currently installing wind turbines at the first wind farm for Impax in Finland. This is the “Joukhaisselkä” project with an installed capacity of 27 megawatts, which will consist of nine wind turbines from the same series.