Fred. Olsen Renewables orders 24 V112-3.3 MW wind turbines for wind power project in Sweden

Vestas has received a firm and unconditional order for 24 V112-3.3 MW wind turbines including Vestas De-icing System (VDS) for a wind power project in Sweden.

The wind power plant Fäbodliden, with a total capacity of 79.2 MW, will be installed in Västerbotten.

Turbine delivery is planned to begin in the third quarter of 2015 with commissioning expected in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of the 24 V112-3.3 MW turbines, along with a VestasOnline® Business SCADA solution and a three-year full-scope service agreement (AOM 4000).

Today’s order with Fred. Olsen Renewables constitutes another milestone for Vestas in the Swedish market. We look forward to the execution phase of the project,” says Klaus Steen Mortensen, President of Vestas Northern Europe, who notes further, “The Vestas De-icing System is proving to be a popular option for projects in cold climates.”

Easily serviceable from within the hub and inside the blade, VDS does not require electrical components to be installed in the blade’s leading edge. While enhancing the system’s robustness, it also keeps the system at low risk from lightning damage.

VDS is designed to de-ice the outer profile of the blade focusing on the tip end to ensure maximum efficiency of regaining power production after ice buildup occurs.  VDS is fully integrated with Vestas’ control systems and can be tailored to the customer’s de-icing strategy. The system can be triggered automatically or manually, ensuring customers have full monitoring control of the system.