Nordex awarded wind energy contract for 20 N117/2400 wind turbines from Turkey for the “Bagarasi” wind farm

Nordex has received a further contract from the Turkish customer Erdem Holding.

The manufacturer will deliver of 20 N117/2400 wind turbines for the “Bagarasi” wind farm. The order also includes a premium-service contract for a minimum period of five years.


“Bagarasi” is located in Aydin, 90 kilometres south east of Izmir, close to the Aegan coast of Turkey. At its altitude of up to 800 metres, mean annual wind speeds are what by Turkish standards is a low 6.6 m/s. Accordingly, the N117/2400 turbine is to be used. With its design, this turbine is specifically configured for locations with light average wind speeds. Nordex will be supplying the turbines on towers with a hub height of 91 metres. When it goes into operation with 20 turbines in 2015, the 48 MW wind farm will generate 130,000 MWh of clean electricity.

As already announced, the customer Erdem Holding recently also ordered seven N117/3000 Generation Delta turbines for the “Odemis” wind farm which is located close to the “Bagarasi” wind farm. With the completion of “Bagarasi” in 2015 Nordex will have installed more than 1040 MW in Turkey.