First wind farm on the Pacific island nation of Samoa

Masdar has inaugurated a 550kW wind farm project on the Pacific island nation of Samoa.

The development features twin 275kW two-blade turbines and is the second completed under the United Arab Emirates’ $50m Pacific Partnership Fund.

The ribbon-cutting comes as Samoa prepares to host the UN’s third conference on small island developing states.

Masdar chairman Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said: “This UAE supported project, and others like it underway across the Pacific, unlock significant economic and social benefits across the region.

“By providing local sources of renewable energy and reducing reliance on imported fuels, the UAE is helping countries like Samoa realize its development ambitions, while also delivering valuable clean energy infrastructure.”

The project on Upolu is desribed as cylcone proof and is expected to deliver $475,000 in annual fuel cost savings. Turbines are 55 metres high and, with permanent pivots at the base, can be lowered out of the winds in less than an hour to avoid storm damage. The PPF fund will eventually enable 2.8MW across six projects.