Rayspower bags the first important Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) contract in China


The China-based company, Rayspower, was awarded the contract for the supply of parabolic mirrors for the “YanQing 863 Parabolic Trough CSP Platform” in China.
This is the first CSP project in China awarded through open competitive bidding procedures for parabolic mirrors and is subject to China’s Research & Development Program “YanQing 863 Parabolic Trough CSP Platform”. All of RP3 type mirrors for this project will be supplied by Sundhy (Chengdu) Solar Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Rayspower.
The YanQing 863 Parabolic Trough CSP Platform was developed by the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) with the aim of studying the Parabolic Trough system technology and its key components. The Parabolic Trough CSP Platform includes 3 x 600m parabolic solar collector loops that have a 5770mm aperture width. Chinese CSP developer and EPC company, CGN Solar, was chosen by the CAS as one of the partners for this project .According to CGN’s spokeperson, this project could be a test field for another large-scaled commercial project – Delingha 50MW parabolic trough project in China, for which CGN has started international competitive bidding procedures for basic design on July 25th 2014.
“This bidding success was the result of the advanced manufacturing process and quality controls available in our facilities. We are proud of producing mirrors with the best optical accuracy and reflectance in China to our valuable customer base. This has been made possible thanks to Sundhy’s leadership in the parabolic mirror industry in China”, says Mr. Wang Zhen, Director of Business Development at Rayspower.
Rayspower will be participating in CSP Today Sevilla 2014, to be held from the 12th to 13th November. The participants will be able to gather more information about the company’s state-of-the-art CSP parabolic mirrors.
Rayspower was founded in 2005 in Beijing, China, with the aim of becoming the best solution provider for solar power plants in the Chinese CSP market. Rayspower has developed pioneering technologies in the CSP sector through its fully owned CSP mirror subsidiary, Sundhy (Chengdu) Solar Power Co., Ltd.






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