India has set a target of achieving wind energy installed capacity of 27,300 MW by 2017

India has set a target of achieving overall wind energy installed capacity of 27,300 MW by 2017 and 38,500 MW by 2022.

As per NOVONOUS estimates, this creates an US$ 31.25 billion opportunity in the wind energy market in India till 2022.

The wind energy market in India has been growing since the last many years. The total installed capacity of the Indian Wind Energy market is 21136.20 MW. India stands at the 5th Rank in terms of the total installed wind power capacity just behind China, USA, Germany and Spain.

But the potential is far from being utilized. It is estimated by the Indian Wind Energy Association that the Wind power potential for all the states of India put together would be in the order of 1.5 GW. It can sustain the growing needs of electricity of the Indian consumers in a sustainable way.


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