China adds 6,320 MW onshore wind energy capacity in H1

Statistics released by the National Energy Administration (NEA) show China connected 6.32 GW of wind power capacity to its power grid in the first half-year, boosting the total to 82.77 GW.

In the same period, the electricity generated and fed into the grid by the country’s wind energy installations totalled 76.7 GWh, up 8.8% on 2013.

Wind power curtailment in the first six months amounted to 7.2 GWh, down 35.8% on 2013.

The provincial areas that recorded the largest new grid-connected installations in the January-June period were Xinjiang in northwest China, 1.39GW; Shanxi in north China , 660MW; and Shandong in north China, 600MW.

Areas that recorded the largest number of average wind hours were Yunnan in southwest China, 1681 hours; Tianjin in north China, 1332 hours; and Sichuan in southwest China, 1294 hours. Placed at the bottom of the list were Guizhou in southwest China, 840 hours; Heilongjiang in northeast China, 832 hours; and Jilin in northeast China, 727 hours.