Nordex wind power received a contract for a 50 MW wind farm in Uruguay

Nordex has received a contract for the construction of a wind farm in Uruguay. Once fully operational, 20 N100/2500 wind turbines will be generating 200,000 MWh of clean electricity a year in the north east of the country, around 60 kilometres from the Brazilian border.

The customer is a subsidiary of one of Italy’s largest utilities, Enel Green Power.

Located in the Cerro Largo area, the wind farm is characterised by mean wind speeds of over 8.5 m/s – ideal for the N100/2500 turbine, which has been specially designed for the IEC-2 wind class. Moreover, the customer has signed up for the premium light service for a period of 2 years.

Uruguay has set the goal of covering 30 percent of its electricity requirements by wind power in 2015.