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Abengoa will invest $10,000 million in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in Chile

Spanish company Abengoa is behind the first concentrated solar power (CSP) 24/7 in the world, already built in region II.

Spanish company Abengoa is behind the first concentrated solar power (CSP) 24/7 in the world, already built in region II. Plan includes other units lift of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP), which will be the first renewable energy based energy form. 

$ 10,000 million, a figure that far exceeds the cost of development a central like mega Alto Maipo, or even Hidroaysén Castillais what in Chile plans to invest in the Spanish company Abengoa in new generating renewable energyAll over a period of ten years, which has as its central objective to multiply its presence in the country. 

This is the same company behind the first solar thermal plant 24/7 world of 100 MW in the town of Maria Elena in northern country, which is already under construction and which is investing some U.S. $ 1,000 million. 

Indeed, the good prospects that are on thisthat generating unit will energize the SING in 2017  opened the appetite of the European firm, which for some time decided to focus on the CSP or solar thermal technology, with several developments underway in different parts of theworld. 

“Abengoa is interested in having a significant presence in the Chilean energy market, so is evaluating an investment of U.S. $ 10,000 millionin ten years in northern Chile, framed in the current Energy Agenda Government that seeks to promote the participation NCRE in the Chileanenergy matrix, “said the company. 

“We believe that the development of solar thermal energy is a real solution in energy, first, because it brings energy to the system baseunlike other non-conventional energy, equivalent to variable cost hydropower. Moreover, because the prices that enter the market will be competitive and stable, which makes a product that adds value to the system and consumers regulated and free, “said the CEO of the solararea Abengoa Chile, Ivan Araneda . 

In Spain, Abengoa already has 15 solar thermal power plants in commercial operation, and specifically in tower technology is the solar platform Solúcar two towers that operate commercially. “In addition, the generation and storage technology with sales already had elsewhere, such as the Solana plant, located in Phoenix, Arizona, which is providing 280 MW operating system,” the company added. 

From Abengoa argue that the Atacama Desert is a place that has the highest solar radiation (DNI) in the world, what a very dry climate that achieves better yields added than in any other place for this type of plant. 

What happens to the cost of development of solar thermal power plants? For now, experts believe that it is an expensive technology, with an average value of over U.S. $ 200 per MWh generation. 

However, the company says it hopes that as technologies are developed can also reduce costs, as has happened with solar photovoltaic and wind energy. 

As with other technologies, as they are developing and implementing projects and significant efficiency improvements affecting theinvestment occurs. Abengoa has developed strong R & D area that achieves efficient developments in plants built, “the company added. 

Solar thermal (CSP) operates through a series of mirrors that reflect sunlight onto a tower molten salt, allowing store energy for the plant tocontinue operating during the night. 

In the case of the central Caserones storage capacity achieved at 17.5 hours with no direct sunlight. That is, has the ability to operate 24hours a day, becoming the first center of unconventional renewable energy that will serve as base load of the grid in Chile.

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