Brazil’s BNDES approves wind energy loans

The biggest loan announced is for the 120-megawatt wind energy project Atlantica I, II, III and IV in Rio Grande do Sul, owned by CPFL Energias Renovaveis SA, which received 383.7 reais in financing.

BNDES is also investing 173.3 million reais in three wind farms with a total capacity of 76 megawatts in Ceara, owned by Eol Brisa Energias Renovaveis SA.

Brazil’s development bank BNDES approved 557 million reais ($251 million) in loans for wind energy projects in two states.

The wind farms in the northeastern state of Ceara and the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul have a total capacity of 195.6 megawatts, the development bank said.

Omega Energia Renovavel SA, a Brazilian renewable energy provider, received approval to start operations at two wind farms with combined capacity of 50 megawatts in the country’s northeast.

Aneel authorized Omega to start the 30-megawatt Delta do Parnaiba and the 20-megawatt Porto das Barcas units in the northeastern state of Paiui, the government’s official gazette said yesterday.

Renewable energy producers are expanding in Brazil’s northeast to tap winds that currently power 74 percent of the country’s installed capacity for aeolic energy, according to Sao Paulo-based electricity trading board CCEE. Omega has 1,200 megawatts of hydro- and wind-power generation capacity.

Eolica Bons Ventos won a permit from Brazil’s Energy Ministry to build a 10.5-megawatt wind farm in the northeastern state of Ceara, and Santa Angela Energias Renovaveis SA applied for a license for a 378-megawatts project in Piaui, the official gazette said today.