Wind power provided 4 per cent of Australia’s overall electricity demand in 2013, with 1639 wind turbines

This year’s report shows that 14.76 % of Australia’s electricity came from renewable sources in 2013, enough to power the equivalent of almost 5 million homes.

The total was boosted significantly by some of the strongest hydro generation in recent years, while household solar and large-scale wind also made record contributions.

Here are some more key facts from the Clean Energy Australia Report 2013:

  • $5.187 billion was invested in Australian clean energy in 2013, much of it regional areas. 2013 marked the the third successive year that clean energy investment was over $5 billion.
  • 705 megawatts worth of new large-scale renewable energy projects came online during 2013.
  • 21,000 people were employed in the Clean Energy Industry by the end of the year.
  • Wind turbines provided enough energy to power 1.3 million homes.
  • 3.1 million Australians lived in or worked at a property with solar panels by the end of 2013.
  • Total demand for power from the grid fell for the fifth straight year.
  • Australians will pay up to $1.4 billion a year extra for their electricity bills after 2020 if the Renewable Energy Target is removed.

Download the full Clean Energy Australia Report 2013 (PDF)