Gamesa wind power unveils the new G132-5.0 MW offshore turbine

Offshore wind power generation promises to be one of the fastest-growing sources of renewable energy in the years to come.

To fully develop its offshore wind energy strategy, Gamesa has reached an agreement in principle with Areva with a view to creating a leading European player in the offshore wind energy segment.

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, is showcasing its new 5.0 MW turbine, the G132-5.0 MW, at the 2014 Global Offshore Wind trade fair, one of the sector’s hallmark events, in Glasgow (UK) on 11 and 12 June.

The new G132-5.0 MW turbine leverages the know-how and experience acquired during the exhaustive validation of the 5.0 MW platform, which culminated recently with the receipt of type certification for the G128-5.0 MW from independent expert DNV-GL, as well as tapping its proven and tested technology.

The G132-5.0 MW wind turbine, with a blade length of 64.5m and a rotor diameter of 132m, generates 3% more power than the G128-5.0 MW. It is designed with redundant modules, guaranteeing reliable performance and maximising energy output, thereby streamlining the cost of energy.

The turbine also stands out for its light weight, which reduces the cost of related wind farm civil engineering work. The G132-50 MW offshore turbine is capable of generating enough energy to supply 5,000 households a year.

Gamesa in the offshore segment

With the launch of this new turbine, certification of which is slated for completion in 2015, Gamesa has achieved another milestone in its offshore strategy and extended its product range to cater to every customer’s needs.