Tanzania wind power project yet to kick up dust

National Development Corporation (NDC) through the Ministry of Finance is seeking funds from Exim Bank of China to finance its Singida-based wind power project, the National Assembly heard on Friday.

NDC, Tanzania Electricity Supply Company and Power Pool East Africa Ltd own the multibillion power project at the ratio of 60, 20 and 20 per cent, respectively. The project, located at Mughamo, Unyankanya and Kisasida villages, about 12 kilometres East of Singida municipality, will generate 50MW in the first phase and will later undergo expansion to generate 300MW.

Deputy Minister for Energy and Minerals Charles Kitwanga said the initial investment cost of the 50MW and installation of infrastructure for the 160MW is estimated at 136 million US dollars (over 200bn/-).

The deputy minister was responding to a question posed by Christina Lissu (Special Seats—Chadema) who wanted to know the progress of the project and the exact date of completion.

He said the project which is among the priority areas under the big result now initiative is set for completion in the 2015/16 financial year. Meanwhile, government will support electrification of all villages of Kishapu constituency, subject to availability of funds.

Answering a question asked by Suleiman Nchambi (Kishapu—CCM) who wanted to know government’s plan to supply electricity to the constituency’s 122 villages, Mr Kitwanga said only 19 out of the 122 villages have been covered in the second phase of rural electrification strategic plan. Under the over 4bn/- power project at the 19 villages, a total of 963 consumers will be connected initially.