Microelectronics in Electric Vehicles have surpassed 130 million miles over 5 years

BYD Microelectronics (BME), a division of the global BYD Company Ltd., proudly announced this week that the Multi-channel, Current Transducers in BYD Electric Cars have reached an operational milestone of over 130,000,000 miles in the last five years. Electric Vehicles have operated for more than 400,000 miles each and the BLX9 (the main BME multi-channel current sensor) has performed without a single issue over 5 years.

The BYD BLX9 was designed to minimize system footprint and reduce power consumption. It is an open-loop, hall-effect, three-channel system that measures all three phase current leads in a single module. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures as high as 125 degrees Celsius and as cold as -40 degrees Celsius and is representative of all of BME’s microelectronics products. The BME has 24 different current transducer product lines with 2-10 models in each series. Its range covers from 6 amps to over 2000 amps. Each transducer meets stringent EN50178 standards and has transient in-rush current and power-source-reverse-polarity protection with CE/ UL/ ROHS markings. The BYD microelectronics all benefit from state-of-the-art, auto-industrial compliant equipment, processes and automotive-grade quality assurance standards (QA). The BME current transducer yields excellent linearity, high accuracy, and robust anti-interference capabilities. For more information about this or any of BYD’s Microelectronics please contact Sean Chen at 847-590-9999.

BYD Microelectronics is a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd., one of China’s largest private companies, and has long been recognized globally by its new energy innovations and automotive achievements. BME was created to provide quality and customized integrated circuits and discrete power devices for BYD’s unique vertical integration manufacturing in 2005. BME designs and fabricates power management ICs, power MOSFETs, IGBTs, FRDs, IPEMs, IPMs, TVSs, current transducers, CMOS image sensors, ambient light & proximity sensors, touch control ICs, touch panel modules etc. Its ICs and power modules are applications specifically designed and qualified to conform to top prevailing standards in the world.

BME product covers applications in automotive, new energy, industrial, telecom and consumer electronics. The product lineup provides total solutions in data collection and process by light, electricity and magnetic monitoring. BYD Microelectronics is located in Shenzhen, China, and has a turnkey service foundry in Ningbo, China, with sales and distribution offices in Asia, Europe and North America.