Solar Photovoltaic Barometer

The European Union, whose global market share was 73.6% in 2011, is now only 26.5% (end of 2013), with installed capacity of 9.9 GWp (in 2013). Coming down
from 16.7 GWp in 2012 this is a 40.5% decline.
Europe’s installed PV capacity now stands at 78.8 GWp (end of 2013).
The slowdown in installation pace has not percolated through to electricity production because of inertia. EurObserv’ER puts solar power output at 80.2 TWh in 2013 (a 18.8% year-on-year increase).
Germany (30 TWh) and Italy (22 TWh) account for 65%
of EU output.
Solar power (PV and CSP) only accounts for 2.4% of the European Union’s electricity output, but for the countries committed to this technology the share is already in excess of 7% in Italy and 5% in
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