Gamesa will deliver 24 G90-2.0 MW wind turbines for a wind farm built in Fujian province

Gamesa, a global technology leader in wind energy, has signed an agreement to supply 48 MW to Fujian Energy for a wind farm built in Dahanshan of Fujian Province, in China.

The company will supply 24 G90-2.0 MW class I wind turbines, starting from the end of September 2014, and the wind farm is expected to be finished by the end of 2014. These wind turbines have specially been designed taking into consideration the special winds on this coastal area of Fujian, with extreme wind speed of 70m/s and frequently affected by typhoon.

Thanks to its technology innovations and its comprehensive knowledge of the wind energy industry, Gamesa fits its wind turbines generator to the market demands. In China, the company develops turbines to fit its customers’ needs, not only speed wind turbines, but also very high altitude turbines adapted to the low air density and low temperature environment which can be found in the Yunnan-Guizhou provinces beyond 2,000 meters altitude.

Gamesa operates in China as a turbine manufacturer and wind farm developer, a competitive advantage it strengthens through joint ventures with the country’s major power companies.

Gamesa has presence in China from 2000, where it has installed more than 3,500 MW and maintains 880 MW.