Five Years of Growth for Enel Green Power

Green energy accounted for nearly half of new capacity last year, and with nations around the world looking to expanded their renewable energy production Enel Green Power is placed in a prime position.

Over the last year renewable energy accounted for 43.6 percent of new global installed capacity. Short- and long-term forecasts regarding the evolution of energy generation worldwide are giving an important role to green energy sources, and both mature and emerging economies view renewable energy as a path towards development. The USA believes that untapped hydroelectricity capacity amounts to 65 gigawatts, while by 2016 Peru plans to install PV solar power plants that will meet the needs of 500,000 households. Even Gulf nations, which are major oil producers, want to reach an installed green energy capacity exceeding 27GW over the next six years.

Renewable energy development is taking place worldwide, from Asia and Latin America through to Africa. According to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2013, by 2020 generation from green sources will have grown substantially everywhere, with a 66 percent increase in emerging countries, a rise of 34 percent in North America and a 35 percent hike in Europe.

EGP’s contribution to the satisfying of global renewable energy demand is documented through its growth over the last five years and is also confirmed in its business plan, which foresees an additional capacity of 4.6GW between emerging countries (+ 2.9 GW), North America (+ 0.7 GW) and Europe (+ 1 GW) by 2018.

With an estimated €5.4billion in Capex for the five-year period, which will be distributed across difference technologies and geographical areas, Enel Green Power began working towards 2018 by consolidating its presence in traditional markets, while also growing in emerging markets and promising new regions like Colombia, Peru, Turkey, South Africa and Morocco, Uruguay, Ecuador, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Tomorrow’s growth will be based on today’s solidity. Over the last five years, Enel Green Powerhas consistently developed its activities in terms of operating plants and generated electricity. There were 750 active plants in 2013 compared with 600 in 2009, while the number of power facilities doubled from 2500 to 5000 and 8.9GW of power is currently produced, 4.1GW more than five years ago.