Ethiopia Secured US$ 1.3 Billion Loan for the Aysha Wind Farm

Ethiopia has secured a US$ 1.3 Billion loan for the Aysha Wind Farm project, according to the Ethiopian News Agency.

It was the project implementers, who had a meeting with President Mulatu Teshome on Wednesday,that announced the loan agreement.

Commenting on the project, Mulatu said, it is ideal for the rest of the world because it is a clean power generating scheme. He also added Ethiopia will do anything to bring the project to success.

The loan was secured from different banks and financial institutions. This was revealed by the delegates which came from German, Britain and United States of America (USA).

Mr. Robin Murray, the delegation leader, has said the project will be finalized in 18 months time and the wind farm will start generating 300 megawatt of electric power.

The wind farm is expected to enhance the electric power supply in the eastern part of the country when it is finalized.